June 19, 2020

It has USB port for connecting to the computer. I open a project, and open a bin. While at the Panasonic dealer’s meeting for the HVX in December, the Apple rep told me that there is no reason FCP can’t support mxf import directly, they just need to program it. I appreciate any help and hope someone has some idea what might be going wrong. Hey all, the studio i work for went crazy for the first time today when the HVX came in today, we couldn’t wait to use it. Omega is excited about our new sponsorship of dvinfo. It can format the card for you.

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Is this store mac compatible.

Doing the procedure in alphabetical order will produce hit-and-miss results. So, off to the Panasonic support site to find the latest drivers, manuals, etc. As you can only copy one card off at a time painful a good way to keep track of where you are at, on a Mac the cards all have the same name – Also painful is to delete each card from the P2 Store once it’s been successfully copied over to the edit suite. I just wish the software brought it into rather than P2 is a great format to shoot with.


September 1st, I’m going to do the PC to Mac incantation tomorrow.

If you need anything video related and are in need of reliable source of equipment and advice, Allan and Omega Broadcast is the place to go.

It’s pretty bad when the manual walks you through over 30 possible errors. Is it because Pana want’s you to buy 2 if you want more capacity or is it a hardware limitation???? It helps on long shoots when I dont have enough cards to hold everything. I open a project, and open a bin. See any errors on this page?

How much are they? We purchased two of these to go along with our HVX’s and p2 cards. No Longer Available Update Location close.


This drop is scary because there is no way to really know if the footage is on there cant view clips. And people, how we;ve come in that short time!! THe hard drive has gyroscopic error detector.

I assumed it would show up as an external hard drive — it does not. No problem If you’re aj-pcs06g the admittedly select few mourning the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: VideoGuys Mineola, NY.


Thank you very much Greg Almond. Let me know if you know ma any other ideas to try, this is depressing. Will not having P2 management software cause any problems?

Panasonic AJ-PCS P2 Store Help

From what I understand haven’t tested this yetusing a 3rd party USB hub can help speed this connection. September 4th, You will have to reformat. David- I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but one or both of the last two stickies in this section Workflow may be what you’re looking for. Easy to transfer data to PC on return to base Date published: But, guys and dolls, do RTFM!

Panasonic DVCPRO AJ-PCS060G – data storage wallet

Really for P2Media we dont have many options. This unit is designed for use in punishing location production scenarios. It runs msc DC power, so you can use a 7. I must either be incompetent at this or have a defective unit.