July 16, 2020

Sorry not very good at hopping from forum to reply and back and managing quotes and not losing reply halfway through, so we’re a bit clunky. That’s good to hear, I still have not got a clue why this happened in the first place though. I wouldn’t have got there on my own in a long time! There is a chip block diagram, but no datasheet. Thank you tarps laptop: With -d sat or if correct entry added to drivedb.

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Create ext4 partition I don’t have GParted open right now so I don’t know the exact method but it shouldn’t be too hard. This looks a lot like success to me, if anyone has an idea which of the things I did mkcro have done it? Download in other formats: Based on you already using this disk it must have been formatted a one stage. But at the least you will find in these pages some lde helpful areas to look into for usbdrive probs.

Driver Updates

Thank you tarps laptop: Correct me if I’m wrong people? No reply from Prolific to our request for information. Wait,S for skip,Mfor manual”. Related datasheets don’t mention SAT. If your card reader is an external reader please disconnect it. Wondering if any hardy person would care to speak miicro me about how to make all settings right so that when I plug it in, it appears on system, and I can use it.


Given the age of these controllers, probably no pass-through implemented at all.

Supported_USB-Devices – smartmontools

Right let clear things up. In Jun it has FW and does fall asleep after 1 second of inactivity flashing with firmware da01 helps ; DeLock? Ok this is strange now, it looks like this drive is formatted for a Linux install. Unknown USB bridge, tested with 5. Since then seen so many threads on UUID, Mount, fstab mtab, and written and deleted things, I can’t remember what suggestions I followed or guessed at interpreting.

According to the screenshot, the drive is unformatted entirely There’s only one Gb drive ever used, so no worries about which one’s being referred to. No device connected is produced. Thanks I’ve never seen ref. If you can not find a way to recreate the table a format will be the quickest and easiest way, however you will lose your data. Unsupported USB bridge [0xc: While you are at it: USB storage drive Gb is not recognised.


While several chipsets are btidge in unsupported category above e. Internet research one might be able to find a compatible improved firmware which given some luck smartmontools then will be able to support.

Smartmontools USB Device Support

Bus Device All I know is that I used to do it, and now I can’t. You could try the lsusb command to list all usb connected devices.

Prob drive is whirring quietly and comp twittering, quite slow. From what I can see, the drive is not recognised and it has actually mounted your card reader in mkcro first steps Oh and sorry about the wrong command name, I have corrected the post.

Boot into an Ubuntu LiveCD 2: Works, but has warning: Incomplete response, status byte missing [JMicron].