June 29, 2020

One fastening screw shall secure the direct coupling of the thermal isolation adapter between the actuator and the valve. User shall be able to view logged data in tabular form or graphical format. In each format, user shall be able to select a specific period of data to view. Provide necessary BACnet-compliant hardware and software to meet the system’s functional specifications. Optimum start feature shall calculate the startup time needed to match zone temperature to setpoint.

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Deliver, store and handle materials and products in strict compliance with manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations and industry standards. Controllers shall include input, output and self-contained logic program as needed for complete control of units.

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Reports shall be capable of being delivered in multiple formats including text- and comma-separated value CSV files. All data shall be stored in database file format for direct use by third-party programs. Application controller shall be programmed using the same programming tool as Building Controller and as described in operator’s workstation section. Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required.

The two separate network connections provide for a physical barrier to prevent raw BACnet traffic being exposed on IP network. Configuration shall include entry of following alertin for use in logging and billing:.


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Binary and analog object types including zones shall have the capability to be automatically trended. Alarm log shall be provided for alarm viewing.

Battery shall provide power for orderly shutdown of controller and storage of data in nonvolatile flash memory. See plans for fail-safe flow function: Software that is capable of graphing the trend-logged object data shall be included. No gateways shall be used. A user activity report shall show any and activity of the users who have logged in to the system, regardless of whether those changes were made using a browser or through the BAS workstation.

Warranty shall apply equally to both hardware and software. Operator shall be able to view trended records, both stored and archived. Support up to 8 magnetic contact switches with CRbattery powered wireless transmitter.

At a minimum, run time totalization shall be incorporated for each monitored supply fan, return fan, exhaust fan, hot water and chilled water pumps. Using pull-down menus or typing in a new value shall change analog data.

Selection of the schedule using this method shall allow the viewing of the assigned schedule or launch the Schedule Wizard to allow the point to be scheduled. In addition, provide the monitoring of the following systems:.

Multiple section dampers of two or more shall be arranged to allow actuators to be direct shaft mounted on the outside of the duct. No batteries shall be needed to retain logic program. Users shall have the capability to be assigned to specific user type “groups” that can share the same access levels to speed setup.


Provide functions that will allow remote communications using modem module to off-site locations. Programmable variables shall be available to field service tool through wall sensor port. For damper short shaft mounting, a separate indicator shall be provided to the exposed side of the actuator. System displays shall show analog and binary object types within the system.

Application controllers alertn include universal inputs with bit resolution that can accept 3K and 10K thermistors, VDC, mA, dry contact signals and a minimum of 3 pulse inputs. Selection of the alarm using this method shall allow the viewing of the alarm history or allow the creation of a new alarm. Analog output objects, when selected with the mouse, shall be displayed as a prompted dialog text only box.

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Communication with operator’s workstation and application controllers shall be through BACnet. A self-resetting thermal switch shall be imbedded in the motor for overload protection.

On board flow sensor shall be microprocessor-driven and pre-calibrated at the factory.