June 30, 2020

Videos that may help with driver install. Post as a guest Name. Have you tested the ports on your desktop with a mouse or a keyboard? Because the chipset itself is only 1 little part of the jigsaw. If you can’t push anything more than 10dbm, then I would have to assume the PA inside is just not capable of giving any more in it’s output than this, unlike the L’s ‘s or RU’s I have tested an increase in output power with.

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I have tried using Windows to connect but to no avail.

I bought this adapter as a way to stay connected to family back home during this deployment but I am having some issues getting it to work. I think I might go ahead and answer your original question since no one else bothered to No, create an account now. Sign up using Facebook. If you don’t like the new “high” limits of power output use normal power slider to tone back down to normal levels previously without having to re-flash old eeprom.

I tested all 4 Alfa adapters and wrote one huge article about them on here since I own them all with no particular favoritism for any.

The device does work as my room mate who is running Vista verified for me. netwirk

netwoork Thanks for the help guys. Whatever rocks your boat, and keeps you happy. I will play with it some more and see if Poer can get something to work. Meaning it appears and disappears on the computer constantly at a rate of about once per second.


In addition to c high confidence of an utter crap power amplifer implemented inside a clone. I tested these high power levels on my USB active repeater cable far away from the desktop machine 10m away in another room, and the power level at least in the L’s case scales back to 5dbm protecting itself against undervoltage and choking the adapter’s scan of available AP’s.

Soldier requests some help with Alfa AWUSH wireless adapter – Windows 7 Help Forums

The NHR is a horrible adapter that is only really useful in Windows, and even then is seriously bad compared to the others at even detecting networks. But this is how you “really” do it, and get up to poer dbm, providing the PA inside your adapter can keep up.

If you plug the device in without any drivers loaded, it doesn’t cycle on and off. I zlfa a different brand wireless USB alffa with the same Realtek wireless device that would not accept any drivers from Windows or the CD that came with the product.

You won’t be able to hack and crank out 24dbm TX with b, unless your running like me an NHR with twin USB leads and my own “doctored” drivers that I haven’t shared anywhere yet.

I have the netwotk question. The XP x86 ones work forced on Win7 x L Don’t worry about the lower UI version it works better than 0. Do any networks show up when you left click the SysTray connection manager for either adapter?

Message 9 of The Win7 ones while works didn’t have as much development, and don’t get as much range as the XP ones. Hello kevsamiga I finally came home and I could not wait to install your drivers You won’t be disappointed with the speed however at least.


It is very deceiving.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

Rightclick on the five-bar wireless connection in bottom-right System Tray, select Troubleshooter which actually works in Win7. Is the Device in error in Device Manager?

Netwokr need for any replies with the casing smudge info because there is not now, nor has there ever been an ALFA B adapter.

Three different adapters reacted the same when plugged into any of the USB ports. Windows 10 Home Awu036h 64bit sp1. Which adapter to choose depends on what your needs are. Can i edited my eeprom defaults to 24dbm, so i dont have to setting CCX after every reboot.

How to do it and is it complicated.

This can be gotten around by plugging a powered usb hub fed by a wall outlet into the end of the active USB repeater cable and not the other way round it seems my cable doesn’t like a hub first scenario but works the other way with hub last on the chain active repeater cable was cheap and nasty, but voltage drop can be expected with all extensions and some devices don’t like it, especially high power wifi adapters or HD’s.