June 20, 2020

Get instantly notified by email whenever faxes are received. Only indicates the time for transmitting the image information and does not include the communication control time. Measures to physical destruction To protect data from physical failures, our service uses Amazon Simple Storage Service Amazon S3 to ensure Requires a Scan Translation Service contract. User permission settings While all functions are available to Standard Users, the functions available to Restricted Users are limited.

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DocuCentre-V C3373 Drivers & Downloads

This intuitive technology simplifies operational processes and saves both time and energy. Up to 50 IP addresses can be added to the permitted address list.

Greater cost control and management Gain control of your print costs and optimise the use of your devices with the Serverless On-Demand Print solution. Get instantly updated whenever a document is upload with mca email notification settings.

Please note that not all hardware terminals are being tested. Redunduncy configuration Redunduncy is provided for Working Folder service using multiple data centers.

User A checks in the document 4. It lets you to edit and save documents regardless of location or hardware terminal, so mad can make use of DocuWorks any time and anywhere. Working Folder Contact our sales team We make it easy for you to purchase products, supplies and services from us.

You can now print posters in your office with the ApeosPort-V C series. Put you in control,with aeposport-iv of the most advanced output security features in the industry. Secure, feature-rich environment Working Folder offers a variety of functions to assist business development and increase efficiency.


User B cannot make modification as the document is locked 3. Extension System Memory 2 GB is required. By linking with DocuWorks Tray, faxes from regular customers can be sorted out automatically per person in charge with pop-up message.

The fax numbers registered in G3ID or the sender names may not be correct, as they are manually set by the sender. Gain control of your print costs and optimise the use of your devices with the Serverless On-Demand Print solution. Use of Fuji Xerox brand paper is recommended. apoesport-iv

Applied Maths FujiXerox ApeosPort-IV C3373

Smart scan productivity Dramatically increase your workflow efficiency with these onboard scanning solutions: You can maintain the high security level when viewing documents outside of the office. It helps speed up business by making quicker response to urgent matters. HDD Extension Kit is required. Thumbnail view of documents simplify operation and enhance usability.

For your organisation to perform at its full potential,you should use the best technology and business tools to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Single-pass,duplex scanner scans at speeds of up to images per minute for exceptional productivity.

Fuji Xerox | Working Folder

A subscription service offered by Microsoft Corporation. Documents can also be stored directly in a Drawer.


Access restriction by IP address You can specify to either enable or disable the IP address restriction. Working Folder Brochure File Size: Working Folder allows offices that are not connected to the same intranet – or different companies – to share information efficiently. User B can make modification as the document is unlocked Check out to lock and download a document Checking out a document will automatically lock and download it.

Measures to logical destruction Our service backs up several version of the stored data to protect them from logical failures such as human errors and software failures.

Applied Maths FujiXerox ApeosPort-IV C – SCU – ANU

Startup costs and operation fees are relatively low, since the service requires no special equipment such as dedicated servers or NAS Network Attached Storage.

Documents can be disclosed for specific period of time by e-mail notification of Web link. Smart Energy Management technology reduces energy usage by only activating the functions required by the user High-precision,LED print technology for reduced power use Newly developed bio-based plastics Improved energy efficiency with Induction Heating fuser technology. This restricts modification of the document by other users.

Leverage the Cloud for more efficient business.