August 6, 2020

Has anyone tried this software before? The Sage Intelligence Blog. If so, how does he do this. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. In the Open Database dialog, click OK again. I can’t just tinker with his machine because he’s 5,km away, and don’t have a BWG v6 install here to dry-run everything against. In the Specify Tables and Columns dialog, specify what data you want to include by selecting the checkboxes of the tables and columns in the list.

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The query above limited data between and and loaded rows and 4 ocbc into Spotfire in about 3. Yes, but I would get a copy of his.

Find the catologue or database in it and double click. For more information on connecting to other types of businesaworks sources, see the Spotfire Analyst User’s Guide. Select the Use Data Link File check box. Please contact your Sage business partner, network administrator, or accountant for assistance.

CIS bit ODBC | TIBCO Community

The next thing you could do is check test the actual report, right select on the report and select check test. Live queries in-database No Yes, when feasible.


Instead, modify the generated SQL or test with a query like:. Find the the auto-conn catalogue. As you begin to select tables and column the corresponding SQL statement will be generated.

How do I connect to the program using ODBC/OLEDB?

When trying to use the BI Report, the following error shows up. Net drivers or do not require a driver. Right select on the connection and select check test from the drop down. Connection settings are configured and stored in Spotfire Data Source objects. I am odvc Peachtree Complete Accounting This will launch the Specify Tables and Columns dialouge.

In a 64 bit windows server operating system, there are TWO odbc managers. Go to the Pervasive control center. See Related Resources Section for help locating your company folder. Give the data source a name. Close this window and log in.

How to create ODBC DSN drivers for Sage BusinessWorks

Please review this document for additional information on the scope of Sage Customer Support Services. Sign Up or Sign In. See below The next thing you could do is check test the actual report, right select on the report and select check test.


Yes, for web player users Spotfire Business Author and Consumer users. If so, what– just a valid BusinessWorks login or a special magic value?

How do I connect to the program using ODBC/OLEDB?

Then double click on any of the tables and confirm no errors occur. Note that if you want to open businesswrks analysis with a generic ODCB data source in a web client, you must make the same configurations on the computer running the web client server. Or, will he have to create it?

Register now while it’s still free! Some connectors use ADO. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. This will be the default name of the final data table in Spotfire as well. I have searched for a solution to no avail.

Double click on Administrative tools and select data sources. Partner Advocate contact details: