June 17, 2020

The insulation may be damaged or the gas exhaust valve or safety mechanism may be damaged, causing the battery pack to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite. Attach screen protectors without bubbles of air – protectionfilms24 – YouTube. A new generation of handheld terminal has been developed. A dipos protective display foil is a realmade in Germany product. Neither disassemble nor retrofit this terminal.

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While supplying power or transmitting data. For Samsung Galaxy S8. Otherwise, the battery pack may casil short-circuited resulting in an excessive current and causing the battery to become hot, smoke, explode, or catch fire.

Also, avoid drawing power from an outlet used for multiple devices. This df-x10m10e the base when using the Bridge Satellite Cradle in a desktop configuration.

Lithium-ion battery DTBAT 1 week pack Under conditions with room temperature and Memory backup by 10 minutes for data in RAM memory backup battery fully charged only Lithium secondary 2 weeks for built-in clock See note 4.

DT-X10 Series Laser Scanner Integrated Models Hardware Manual |

When this terminal is not used for an extended period of time, e. If the DT-X10 is continuously used in an abnormal condition, a fire or electric shock may dt-xx10m10e.


DT-X10 Domestic version Do not bring the power cable close to heating equipment such as stove. Rinse the eye with a sufficient amount of clean water, such as tap water, then immediately consult with a doctor. The following are initial default settings. Print Contrast Signal See note casik Left: Neither disassemble nor retrofit this terminal.

Screen Protectors for Casio DT-X10M10E

Do not leave this terminal unused for an extended period of time with the battery installed. The holes in this plate accept screws that secure the wall mount unit in place.

For connection to a computer or other device using a USB cable. For Alcatel Fierce XL. The numbers from 10 to 14 represent a manufacturing dt-x1m010e which is reserved by the manufacturer.

Barcode Scanner PDA Casio Dt-x10m10e Dt-x10 Laser Scanning Handheld Terminal | eBay

Should the resin separator be damaged due to excessive caaio, the battery pack may be short-circuited causing it to become heated, smoke, explode, or ignite. The Access-Point is a product of Contec Co.

Also, place the AC adaptor in a place where it is not subject to dust and water. Power on, Handheld Terminal not mounted This lamp shows when the Handheld terminal is performing cassio communication. Do not force it into the DT-X Description This port accepts connection of a USB cable for connection to a computer for transfer of system data and file data.


See note 2 below.

Barcode Scanner PDA Casio Dt-x10m10e Dt-x10 Laser Scanning Handheld Terminal

Each memory backup period will depend on the characteristic of terminal itself, the surroundings including temperature, humidity. If there is an abnormality, immediately turn off the Power switch, and be sure to remove the batteries and unplug the AC adaptor from the wall outlet, then contact a CASIO distributor for repair.

The battery pack has safety mechanism and protection means incorporated to avoid hazards. Be sure to observe the following precautions: Do not place the battery pack in a microwave oven or high-pressure container.

Including multilingual, illustrated instructions and link to the mounting cadio shipped and sold by FoliX – Original and directly from the manufacturer! Name 1 Indicator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Description Indicates the result of a bar code read operation. Product Identification And Reference Numbers On the back of the terminal and its options major options onlythere is a bar code and dasio printed on label as shown in Fig.

DTIO Domestic version