June 13, 2020

Isolate the SAN from other network traffic so that it is dedicated exclusively for storage. Manual man pages containing complete information for each of these tools are available on your host. Coraid will notify Licensee of such change. Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! If the device has yet to be initialized by the Linux SCSI layer, the device shows up as init instead of the device name.

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For more information, see the ethdrv-stat 8 man page available on your vmwarre. Coraid also provides the storage system as well but without actual drives. Government shall be governed solely by the terms of this EULA. See the Coraid Support web site: These files provide detailed information about the module.

For the avoidance of doubt, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Software is licensed to Licensee by Coraid, and not sold.

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration …

Except as specifically permitted herein, no portion of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the express written consent of Coraid, Inc. VMware is not responsible for the reliability of any data, opinions, advice, or statements made on third-party websites.

Coraid and EtherDrive are registered trademarks of Coraid. Coraid may use any technical information Licensee provides to Coraid for any Coraid business purposes without restriction, including for product support and development.


Twelve years ago George Crump founded Storage Switzerland with one simple goal; to educate IT professionals about all aspects of data center storage. No partitions are necessary. Click here to see all our FMS posts. This article helped but additional information was required to resolve my issue.

To obtain diagnostic output, issue the sos command.

Manual man pages containing complete information for each of these tools are available on your host. You can add additional EtherDrive HBAs to your host if you have unusual security or bandwidth requirements or if your storage exceeds the limitations of your operating system.

You can use the scp utility to copy the file or if it is inappropriate for your configuration, use another download utility, browser, or copy tool that is more suitable.

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You do not need to be logged in as root in order to issue the commands described in this section. For more information, see the man page for ethdrv-sos 8 on your host.

For data centers looking for a gmware storage solution Coraid provides a solution that offers excellent performance and very competitive pricing. One of the changes between ESXi 4. Licensee is not granted any rights to any trademarks or service marks of Coraid.

How can I install this driver successfully?

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration – TechyLib

For details, see the following documents: If a datastore was created on an ESXi 4. Oct 13, Total Views: The replacement Hardware need not be new nor have an identical make, model or part. After an RMA number has been issued by Coraid, the defective Product must be packaged securely in suitable shipping package to ensure that it will not be damaged in transit, and the RMA number must be prominently marked on the outside of the package.


The company that invented ATA over Ethernet, had soared from a niche Linux storage solution in to craid major storage player by The ethdrv-sos command is executed with no flags or options.

Launch the vSphere Client. The partner product reference in this article is a software module that is developed and coraod by a partner. Coraid will not use information in a form that personally identifies Licensee. The servers and storage system then connect into a standard Ethernet switch. Open Source Used In Cisco 3, views 5, pages.

Coraid may, from time to time, implement additional security measures coraiv the Software, and Licensee shall cooperate with such measures and be responsible for installing upgrades that include such measures.