November 20, 2020

These are real, spoke with the Tmag rep yesterday and said that R11 didnt have an iron in the family like R9 and R7 did. Yes I know you find that hard to believe but because we have a direct link to the Titlist factory we were able to secure a set on your behalf. I politely replied staing that i believe these are originals, they then replied pointing out that the 9. The part you actually see. Here is the final giveaway. Clearly they are counterfiets,are they? But I thought the manufacturers prohibited the price cutting.

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When you receive the bag, please open, deposit a large sum of cash and one of our representatives will meet you outside the mall cark park at precisely seven minutes before midnight on Tuesday week.

I called both Taylormade and Callaway to confirm.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

I get ads from apparently dependable retailers ie: We already have them. I replied that he was lying because there is no Sunday taylkrmade in the US, his email timeline was 12 hours ahead putting him in China, TaylorMade does not ship directly from their factory in China and since he had violated the terms on his site I would refuse any deliveries and dispute any charges.


One of the questions I asked was where they get there golf clubs from.

I asked him what website he ordered? Have you or any of your readers had any experience with this company either good or bad. I am looking at a sale catalog from Edwin Watts, certainly one of the most highly regarded golf retailers ever. Easily the cointerfeit in the world, possibly cheaper than the cheapest. I took close inspection on many irons. Started by lilalstarAug 19 So clearly, they deal with Callaway.

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

When you see Chicago. Delivery is phree throughout the world. Ahh, you think that price is cheap on the internet? I think this thread has caused as much hysteria as information.

Thank goodness for honest people out there! Please do your research next time.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 18

Their price for siem clubs seemed very low. Thanks for any info. I called Callaway corporate office and the guy said he could not locate their account based on their address.

Has anyone had any experience with this site? How can I help you? They seem like a legit operation.

I like this site since you can choose your shafts so it looks like you would almost be getting some great clubs for your fit. Don,t rubbish them till you have a try, best irons I have ever used as is the R11 Driver which I also have. My irons were same swingweight from Callaway here. However upon sending them an email telling them their stuff is so fske Coungerfeit cant give them away they sent me an email back saying the clubs are genuine they dont sell fakes!


By the twylormade, we at fakegolfclubs. I am looking at buying a set of Callaway clubs, and have come across http: Has anyone ever checked out http: There were subtle differences in the lettering on the headcover and the head itself that you would not know if not looking at a real one side by side with the fake.

They counterfeiit very good, extremely creative and incredibly hardworking. This is where the majority of the shadiness begins.

So, technically, they are not lying. Most manufacturers do not offer a way for you to verify whether or not a serial number is authentic.