June 21, 2020

Maybe I will download that version also, that is after I have fully recovered from my disappointment with the Live CD. Is there anyway to play my gangsters 2 game which is for windows 98 on your new laptop which is windows vista home basic? Attached scsi disk sdd md: Click on the button and then type the path of the shared thing in vista, there is no browse button. The time now is Also to confirm please download logs and send them to support open-e. There may be network card drivers available, depending on the manufacturer.

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Windows vista home premium? I haven’t been able to do it the other way around yet. Even the smaller-sized Zenwalk can do much better than CentOS live. Choose a video to embed. If you’re making the switch from 98 to Vista, you definitely want an entirely new machine. Your video card, SATA controllers, wireless if in a laptopand probably your sound, will simply not work.

If it has the minimum RAM and hard d102ggc2 space, you can. How do you network Windows xp and vista? There d02ggc2 steps on that link that show you how to change the compatibility. If this continues please send logs to support open-e. Also to confirm please download logs and send them to support open-e. Attached scsi disk sdc Vendor: However, there are very real technical problems that may make this impossible.


Was this drive added or from another system that had an existing partition?

It is unlikely that the motherboard that came with your Windows 98 computer will be compatible with the minimum requirements for Windows Vista. CentOS has made its own name and become popular by ranking number 12 in Distrowatch. Can you install the Windows Vista ultimate upgrade from windows 98? Also, there is the problem with drivers. The funny part was when logging in; you can press enter and login as guest, or you can login as root.

So is CentOS 5. If its main purpose is merely for testing or for rescuing a broken system, lots of mini distributions can do the job just the same.

Can Windows 98 see Vista in a home network

I also successfully ran several Python scripts with it. Join Date Jun Posts 3, I downloaded the almost MB ISO, and for my kbps broadband connection it took about 7 hours to complete. A live CD of its size should have been a little more complete. But what is the root password?


The download site for CentOS can be found here. That is if you have a capable graphics card. There are no extra wallpapers except for the few already included by default in Gnome.

Attached scsi disk sdd md: Note that these “minimum requirements” will be barely able to run Vista. Are all drives connected to the motherboard?

Error on SMBus Controller in Device Manager

What is the difference between Windows 98 and Windows Vista? You would need to do a clean install to upgrade from 98, ME, or Yes, you can see 98 computers from Vista. A good lineup of software is included in the live CD. Try to update the BIOS of the motherboard.