June 15, 2020

Build quality is above average for this class of camera. To the right of those is a switch which moves the camera between movie, still recording, and playback mode. The arrow keys navigate through any settings menu, and the OK button confirms menu selections. While your results may vary, you can almost count on dealing with this in your flash photos. The Sony T33 is just okay in this regard, displaying both washed out highlights and shadows with plugged-up detail.

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Why is it important to use the correct supplied USB-cable with my product? All of their current cameras focus quite quickly, and the Sony T33 is really very fast, particularly for a subcompact model, but quick even when compared to the best full-sized cameras. Color and exposure were accurate most of the time though the camera might “blow out the highlights” more than some camerasand purple fringing was not a major problem. Nikon D D Single AF is just like you’re used to: As you’d expect on an ultra-compact model like this one, you cannot attach an external flash to the camera.

Coverage and Range The Sony DSC-T33’s very small flash has a very small effect 38mm equivalent mm equivalent Flash coverage at both wide angle and telephoto shows quite a bit of vignetting, and its range is very limited.

If you want a “go anywhere” camera that will be used mostly outdoors, I definitely recommend the DSC-T Although I saw a little softening in the corners of some images, most of my shots from the Sony T33 showed quite a bit less blurring in the corners than I’ve come to expect from subcompact digicams.


Unlike most digicam LCDs though, the screen on the Sony T33 is “transflective,” which means that it functions every bit as well in full sunlight as it does under indoor conditions. The engineers went on to create a camcorder the size of a Japanese passport.

Sony DSC-T33

A set of focus brackets is in the center of the frame. This also makes the camera quick on the draw only 1. There is no handgrip on the Sony T33, so use the esc wrist strap to safeguard your investment.

Like with the T1, you need to keep xsc eye on your fingers, as they can easily block the lens, flash, or microphone. Generally good hue accuracy.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

The Sony T33 uses a custom rechargeable Li-ion battery for power. Pressing the Menu button displays the Record settings menu, with options varying depending on the exposure mode selected: The lowest-priced item that has been restored to working order by the manufacturer ‘manufacturer refurbished condition’ or an eBay seller or a third party not approved by the manufacturer ‘seller refurbished condition’.

Automatic exposure control offers point-and-shoot ease, with a handful of scene modes for more difficult shooting situations. Print Quality Very good print quality, great color, very usable 13×19 prints. The competition is catching up, though, as more and more cameras can also do this. Edge enhancement creates the illusion of sharpness by enhancing colors and tones right at the edge of a rapid transistion in color or tone.


Use these numbers to compare with other cameras of similar resolution, or use them to see just what higher resolution can mean in terms of potential detail.

Sony DSC T33 Digital Camera Review (pics, specs)

A fairly standard zoom range, going from an average wide angle to a good telephoto. Overall, we think most people will like the T33’s color tt33 much. Who Should Buy This? Pressing the telephoto side of the zoom control reverses the process, and continued pressing smoothly zooms in on the currently-displayed image.

Internet Explorer Download the latest version. The camera has two types of digital zoom. It offers the convenience of point-and-shoot simplicity with enough advanced features to make it possible to take photos in otherwise challenging situations low light, fast action, dssc.

esc Starting at ISOyou start to see more granularity especially in solid colors, not unlike the grain in ISO film. The front of the Sony DSC-T33 is nearly flat, except slight slope from the right to the left toward the lens.

A newer version of your browser may be available. Records short movie clips with sound, for as long as the Memory Stick has available space. However, a Spot metering mode is available through the Record menu, good for high-contrast or off-center subjects.