October 17, 2020

Also clean the green guides in the lower part of the printer, where your label stock is fed through. If you have other questions, please contact our support team for help. Either the Width or Height should match the width of supply loaded in your printe Page Setup dialog box, with Margins Page Setup dialog box, with Paper tab selected tab selected 6. Most likely, we need to correct those instructions. Put the DL to work for you. The printer is looking to cut on a mark, but can’t find it.

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DuraLabel 9000 Print Station

The label stock should roll forward, underneath the white roller, between the two movable guides at the back of the print head, through the green C-shaped sensor, and finally forward over the black rubber roller in front. Turn off the Toro, wait about five seconds, and turn it back on.

Check out our video library! You can rename the file in order to transfer it properly.

LabelForge allows you lrinter create custom labels from the ground up. DuraLabel is a registered trademark of Graphic Products. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward underneath the print head but above the black sensor bar, and onto the front of the front roller.

We offer free support for the lifetime of our printers. Any jobs in the queue will be re-sent, and may print out correctly.


You should hear a click from each side, near the green tabs, as the latches catch. Then, try printing your label once more. Hook the DL up to your PC as you would any printer, and get started!


Free air movement Open Devices and Printers in your Start menu. Click OK to save changes and close the window, and try printing your label again.

Roll the ribbon rewind spindle clockwise a few times toward the back of the printer to tighten the ribbon and remove flaws and fingerprints. Check the Supply Loading Turn off the printer using the switch in the back, near the black power cord, and open the printer as if you were going to change the printing ribbon. Page of 56 Go.

Call Us Toll Free from the U. If the problem returns, please contact our support team for help. We offer free support for the lifetime of our printers, and free labeling advice and assistance for all of our customers. Choose the install location and click Install on the Choose Install Location window that appears. Any season or surface The DL prints labels that withstand the harshest industrial and outdoor environments known to workers anywhere. Merging Information, Sequencing Labels Start by opening an Excel document, placing column headers in the first row Fig.


Also clean the green guides in the lower part of the printer, where your label stock is fed through. Cleaning the DuraLabel Close printr printer cover.

We have more than just support videos.

Preferences dialog box Stock tab. If the printer still does not respond, then continue to the next step.

DuraLabel 9000 PS

Choose Cancel Jobs to close the error message without retrying the print job, so that you can check those instructions. Double-click on the printer icon to open the Print Queueand look in the Printer menu in the top left for an durralabel to Use Printer Offline.

Please feel free to contact us at today to get details on how the SafetyPro 9G can meet your label and sign making needs. Press down on the adjacent left adjustable pressure knob while turning it clockwise to the same pressure setting as the far-left pressure knob.

Each black plastic ribbon spindle has a wider rim on one end, and a narrower end on the other side: The DuraLabel PS comes packaged with all the same traits as the DuraLabelbut with a portable touchscreen workstation.