March 29, 2021

Website here i come! He’s a clever bunny: I was just shit stirring. I’ve been eyeballing them and plan to grab one when I next order headlight bulbs. But the high beam gives a good spread to be seen with, just that’s it’s too bright – particularly at early morning, dusk and at night. The girl or the car

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I’II have to covertly pull a fuse during the install and then say a big “oops” when the bike doesn’t start: I am novice when it come to electricalI can do it, but I need clear instructions. I hope I’m on first batch list for a shot at one of these Tony.

Скачать Shift I – смотреть онлайн

Difficult for aftermarket to compete against without dropping the light output a lot. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. He’ll be checking in here shortly with some exciting news. I should’ve also bought the aFlasher at the same time Cloud Hey GuJohnno, which shipping did you select and how long did it take? I usually ship same day where possible to get them off quickly.


PMd you for info on how to get into the first buy as well Pat. Quote message in reply?

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

Hot as hell night, no PB for ET but managed to trap a new best of mph. We spent the day on this twiliyht island swimming in freshwater lakes and driving around exploring some great 4WD-tracks. This gives you a “Daylight Running Light”, which gives your headlight setup the appearance it’s running low beams.

They pump out lumens already, which ain’t too shabby: Merry Christmas to all!! Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Send a private message to deano I have full data acquisition system in my car which has g forces as well as gwilight, acceleration, gps, rpm, etc.

And you also have to find a place to put the ballast, which can be a wee bit tricky: What do you guys think of the setup?

But the projection from both lamps is of course different. Could you be more specific, maybe diagram or photo’s.

Dual Headlight setup [Archive] – TriumphNet Forums

Anyone want to sell their older twilighht The standard H9 bulb is most likely around the Eclipze- Here is the HID system i was looking at and they offer a single bulb option.


What I am asking PM me your email addy if you want to be on the notification email list, but I’II ecliptwch post up here when available. From the projection, it looks like the left light as sitting on the bike is the highbeam, and the right is low beam.

Going to grab one at one stage to see how it goes.

So I have it fully plug’n’play now. I should’ve also bought the aFlasher at the same time. Apart from those things, the electrics twilignt stock OEM: Then the realization kicked in Originally Posted by Fast Eddie I.

Tony would your advice be to used a 35w single hid on the low beaminstead of a 55w?