June 14, 2020

Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. ASIO settings come down to choosing latency and bit depth. On my older PC, setting a latency of 2ms helped the card start reliably. Now, the system defaults to A ballpark setting can be found using this formula This driver is dated and is version 6.

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It is wise to never windoss down the E-MU independently of the PC, since it will probably try to start back up with 48 kHz sampling rate. It is wise to download the latest driver from the E-MU website.

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It lacks the phantom power, but offers exceptional sound quality, many features and stable drivers. Note the funny connector for the Left channel line input. Your “Audio IF, Hz” setting will be different than mine.

Sindows sound fine but you won’t be thrilled by their sound. Now, please configure your sound card using the utility provided with your driver i. Try querying the group about this, or search the archives. All Application Driver Beta Driver. Windows 7 64 bit has an E-MU driver resident in the operating system. Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd.


So, for instance, you can’t play your guitar with Reaper while listening to music coming from Winamp or watching a movie on the internet.

Thus, it does not require you to have previously installed the software from an original CD – only that your system meets the minimum requirements. I have no ideal if this will work with all ages and firmware revisions of the cards, but it’s worth a try if you have one of these cards, or if you find one a bargain price on eBay This package contains a full installer.

Creative does not have the current driver posted anywhere, but there is a guy on the LP-PAN User Group who has a copy that can be downloaded. The product you have selected has been classified as ‘End of Service Life’. It is known to have some bugs A ballpark setting can be found using this formula Note that this release does not support OSX Leopard or earlier. It takes audio 5. Support for such products is limited to online materials, such as Knowledgebase Solutionsdrivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

Use the default CW filter in the K3 when doing this. Settings for NaP3 can be found on the NaP3 page. Important under Windows 7 or Vista: Fairly priced, it costs less than euro new. Macintosh support limited to USB 2. So any chance of jamming with some tracks is that these tracks are also in your DAW.


On my older PC, setting a latency of 2ms helped the card start reliably.

This driver is dated and is version 6. It plays music precisly in higher registers, windoes are quite fine, middle frequencies seem to be less detailed. The only thing that’s really missing is phantom power.

E-MU 0202 USB 2.0 Free Driver Download (Official)

The driver is now more robust when the sample rate changes during audio playback or recording. Increasing sample rate all the way up reduces the latency further to approx.

Includes changes from V1. It draws very little power, and can be left on all the time. You will need to fine tune it after the initial setting.