October 11, 2020

Current EyeOne owners can upgrade to the i1iO2 at any time. A USB lead then connects the whole device to your computer the iO also has a small external power supply. Profiles need accurate repeatable measurements — the iO helps achieve this by automating the process. The software needs to know where three specific corners of the target are, so it can move the arm to scan the patches. Alternativement, vous pouvez mettre un hyperliens vers l’image d’origine:

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Makes it that bit easier to do some experimentation when creating profiles, if like me you find manual patch measuring a fundamentally tedious process.

Thanks for contacting us! Profiles need accurate repeatable measurements — the iO helps achieve this by automating the process.

X-Rite Eye-One iO Automated Scanning Table

You can also see the white tile calibration target for the Eye One in the top left corner of the picture. My first Eye One package came with a simple ruler to align the measuring device as you scanned it across a test target. This file has been released under a license that is incompatible with the terms of service and licensing terms of FacebookYoutubeTwitter etc.

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GretagMacbeth Eye-One iO

This driver is necessary for the computer to connect to the i1. Ideal too, if you have to measure targets printed onto thicker materials such as packaging. Fitting the Eye One The iO handles targets up to 10mm thick, so if you want to profile printed ceramic tiles for example, then no problem. gretagmacneth

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. With the Eye One match software, you do get the chance to see each row of measurements as they are read in, and the software will spot more serious errors.

Jede der Bedingungen kann – mit Einwilligung des Rechteinhabers – aufgehoben werden. The picture below shows a patch position selected. Some specific articles that may be of interest: Argy can move a dance floor of sweaty bodies with house music without resorting to the hands-in-the-air syncopated beats that often have wailing house divas behind them.

Misc Sep 13, Please update your browser. This file cannot be used at any pages which use different terms than the license granted here.

Your Eye One spectrophotometer fits into a clear plastic tray. Electrified Specialized Turbo makes cycling as easy as driving hands-on Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle? If there are i1 Match modules not licensed on your grteagmacbeth, they can be purchased separately. Permission Reusing this file. It reads an entire color target in less than three minutes. PanaVise PortaGrip car mount keeps a fierce grip on phones With its thick plastic arms and strongly engineered hinges, the PortaGrip car mount won’t be easily dislodged from a windshield gretqgmacbeth broken in the automotive environment.


More information is provided by the Legal Team of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Eye-One Software Installation

Email, or phone us on Misc by Wayne Cunningham Apr 7, Sales Support Color Expert. The following 4 pages uses this file: Adds an extra element of confidence and accuracy into my profiling workflow. The following other wikis use this file: It is not permitted to upload this file to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and many other social networks!

Systems that use i1 Match are licensed through an internal copy-protection “dongle” inside the instrument. Misc by Gretag,acbeth Goodwin Apr 25, Articles below by Keith Google’s picks for matching this page.