October 18, 2020

When shooting high-definition video at p, it can record at 24P, 30P, and 60P, but also at a wide variety of frame rates in-between. But before you get too excited about P2, keep in mind that the cards are currently very expensive and relatively small; thus, they’ll probably require frequent dumping to a hard drive in the field. I personally shoot mostly academic and industrial doc style videos but I have edited a feature that was shot with this camera and I have to say the footage looks as good if not better than a feature I shot with the original VariCam using Canon cine Prime lenses. I still have DV tapes lying around the place which is good if I fancy recording on tape rather than to the P2 card. But to this great pedigree it adds more: It supports both i and p, and also p utilizing 2: Rated 4 out of 5 by Brad R.

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The P2 workflow takes some time to understand and master. The Good Superb HD video; a raft of frame-rate choices; supports solid-state P2 media as well as tape; terrific, relatively wide-angle lens.

: AG-HVX unleashed!

To even continue this discussion, we have to presume that the footage from the cameras will at least be competitive with each handneld. Last July the Canon XL2 was introduced. The cards were fine once they were reformatted but we lost the footage so beware of this problem. Previously had a dvxb. For the vast majority of users, uncompressed output is likely to be completely irrelevant.


Not Specified By Manufacturer. It may look big, but it has a huge impact on user comfort.

In short, this is an excellent-handling camera! Another great feature that’s possible because of the P2 system is pre-record.

You will need a very large hard drive or other storage medium to archive the files in the virtual P2 cards. The Panasonic offers the ability to record four tracks of audio or two stereo pairs in bit 48Khz quality, completely uncompressed. Agonized over moving up but urgent shooting opportunity prompted it.

They can be played on a computer with the P2 software. The photos click to enlarge. I’m sure it’s in the manual. It is handhsld expensive to have a decent recording time without downloading to your PC. Any comparison is ultimately meaningless until we get the footage to compare. I got my new camera, rods, mattbox, 35mm adapter and lenses See any errors on this page?

XLR x2 Input Audio: I haven’t even started with the upgrade yet.

Problems Installing USB Driver for HVX200A.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Brad R. Other than that, the camera is good for the price. But, if it’s like ours, there’s a menu that lets you change the camera mode so it talks p the usb port.


Special Coaxial x1 Hnadheld Power Requirements 7. As should be the case with all professional gear, menu navigation is required only for setting up the camera’s general operating parameters, not for the type of adjustments that must be made during run-and-gun shooting. Thank you in advice and sorry for my english It wiped the cards clean and cause formatting errors.

Right out of the box, it shoots beautifully. The Sony and the JVC both adhere to this specification, and as such, when shooting high-definition video, they can only offer compressed audio. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great Camera I’ve had uzb camera since early I haven’t noticed any noise in the recordings though some people who uses this camera says it is there. They have some in-camera modes to simulate progressive-scan for 25p or 30p at lower resolution, and a poor in-camera 24p simulation that results in unnatural motion rendition.

Archived P2 files would need to be copied back to the P2 card in the camera before they can be played on a tv.