July 31, 2020

Please hit the comments link to let me know what happened, whether it worked or not. This is so you can plug serial devices into your USB port Macs have not had serial ports for some time. Restart with the iConcepts device plugged into the port, and start the Hotsync application. Download Select the drivers that you need to download and the software will automatically update them. The new link you found has a download for v. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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The drivers I discuss here can be used, according to some, on a handful of other devices and adapters sold under various names that happen to use the same chipset. Unfortunately, the site you link to does not seem to have the drivers available anymore–either through the browser, or using usn terminal.

There are other brands as well. Hardware not performing correctly? Author Write something about yourself.

iConcepts USB to Serial Driver Driver | Driver

Tell me which version of OSX you are running, icncepts anything else that might be helpful to other readers. My computer is running faster than it ever has before! Please hit the comments link to let me know what happened, whether it worked or not. Select Out Of Date Drivers Smart Driver Updater will provide a detailed report of the out of date USB drivers and provide recommendations on how to update them based on your specific system specifications.


Iconvepts I put it back, so if you try again you should be able to download. This should get you a file called ” I can’t get the darned thing to work.

Download USB device driver, then follow the procedure below. I will never iconceptx your email address.

Iconcepts Usb Driver – instructioncookie

And Abiword is doing a fine job of editing Psion Word docs. Want to update all of your drivers easily and all at once?

I have a few days in which I can tl the iconcepts adaptor. If you download the pax archive from here, then cd to your download directory in a Terminal window, become root, and type pax -pe -ruvf Drivers for windows 7: The Crisis is over. In the latter case, try rebooting your machine again, leaving the adapter plugged in.

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It’s great to hear that this works with Panther, which I haven’t had time to install yet, and that you could use icpncepts with the Psion and what I guess is a java program for syncing. That’s it, your done! Here is or was — it seems to be out of order now a page with an extensive discussion of these drivers and devices that use them.


Thanks for the notice. Do iconceptw have any advice for a complete computer bone head that is using Either the hotsync will begin right away or nothing will happen.

Fri, 20 Aug Tue, 24 Feb If you download a package from one of the sites referenced above then just double-click it in the Finder. Seriall for providing excellent customer service and an overall 5 star experience.

You can get the v.

Let me know if you want me to hide your name, as well. I downloaded the 1. The link you provided seemed to have dead download links so I stepped back to get new ones. They say it supports OS X up to After installing the