August 7, 2020

It also has problems with the color, the RED channel is way too strong so you have to correct it after capture. Download full text 5. Be sure not to use more than one of the Imputs the same time! It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue. Product Availability Hauppauge has a variety of ImpactVCB boards to support your image capture, video image display, industrial image processing and video conferencing applications worldwide.

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I have a WinTV on order, so I’ll do a non-scientific comparison. Linux drivers are available through LinuxTV. They contain a smaller version of the attached patch that just adds the necessary id’s to the CARD table. See full activity log.

Pinnacle is very good, picture is clear, colors are stable etc. Special models are available which use BNC connectors. Email me about changes to this bug report. I have a A and the capture is very blurry.

Brian Murray brian-murray on It’s much better than my first Asus capture card fromfor 5 times less money. I’m the long-time user of a waning DC10Plus card. Bug still exists on kernel 2.


The attached code is a modification of 2. Apologies if it has reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so.

I didn’t may much attention to color; I couldn’t get past the shaky, wavy issues. A 16 bit, 8 KHZ full duplex codec sound card is required for digitizing the audio.

Audio can be input directly to the sound card for digitizing and further processing. Please note that ijpactvcb technical support organization is available to provide technical information you require to support your applications.

Hauppauge 00166 Impact VCB 64405 Half Height Video Capture Adapter PCI

I have model I don’t think that it’s good idea comparing DC10 with cheap TV cards. To be more specific or clearcapture quality from good source is near good DVD, and better than many, what I saw. I believe it’s called the MovieBox DV. But Rave should be same considering video quality, because difference is only in stereo audio by TV receive, and in FM tuner.

I’m dissapointed to hear that the new Conexant chip isn’t on par with the DC Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. If you could also please test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great.


Does this issue still exist in Maverick or Natty or Oneiric? Is BTA really this bad?

Bug # “bttv bug with ImpactVCB #” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Originally posted by jrjazzman To which pinnacle card are you referring? Thu Sep 16 Yeah, it’s called the ImpactVCB. I’ve read about potential noise issues with these cards. It also has problems with the color, the RED channel is way too strong so you have to correct it after capture. My proposed solution is to simply extend this approach to the variant.

A microphone and speakers are also required.