February 15, 2021

Simply download and run the software. Furthermore, Mikogo now includes the award-winning HTML Viewer that allows participants to join from within a web browser on any computer or mobile device.

When joining a session with the HTML Viewer, no download is required nor is ActiveX, Java, and Flash. 100 browser-based. The Mikogo features include: – Desktop sharing with multiple participants – Built-in VOIP for voice conferencing – Switch presenter – Remote keyboardmouse control – Scheduler – Recording and playback – Multi-user whiteboard – Chat – File transfer – Application selection – Multi-monitor support – Software available in over 30 languages – Copypasteemail meeting info – Cross-platform – iOSAndroid apps – 256-AES end-to-end encryption.

A quick setup means that Mikogo is suitable for all users, from the average computer novice to the more advanced user. What’s new in this version: new built-in VOIP feature for voice conferencing with meeting participants Anyone who knows anything about sales can tell you that there’s much more to the process than simply approaching a potential customer, making your pitch, and hoping for the best.

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Handy Start Menu is a small application that helps you organize your PC’s start menu programs. If you’ve had your PC for any length of time, you’ve probably got quite an impressive array of programs downloaded on it.

You’ve essentially got two options to 47 them: create a desktop icon for them or sift through your start menu directory to find them.

If neither sounds appealing to you, consider trying Handy Start Menu.

Handy Start Menu is a pretty simple to wrap your head around – and to install. It’s a tool that organizes the programs on your PC into categories, making them easier to find in your start menu. This tool should go into effect immediately after installation and is accessible by clicking the programs button within the main screen of your start menu.


Some of these categories are “Utilities,” “Internet,” and “Fun and Games. ” There will also be programs that Handy Start Menu doesn’t know where to sort.

In that case, you can easily click on the relevant notification link within your start menu and sort accordingly.

Handy Start Menu also lets you create new categories for even better organization capabilities.

The only real downside to this program is that it doesn’t let you edit the default categories it starts out with. Handy Start Menu is a great tool to neatly organize your start menu and help you find PC programs faster.

Windows Password Finder can lend a hand if youve forgotten or lost your Windows password.

Using Windows Password Finder couldnt be easier. All it takes is three simple steps and five minutes, and youll be able to log in to your system again. The first step is burning a boot CD with an ISO file provided by Windows Password Finder.

The second step is booting your computer from the CD; if you dont know how to do this, dont worry: the program includes detailed instructions.

Finally, the third step is resetting your Windows password.

Windows Password Finder works on any Windows version and any type of user account, including those with Administrator privileges. It features a simple interface and is well documented. On the downside, it obviously requires another PC to burn the CD to rescue your system. Have you lost your Windows password. 47 Password Finder allows you to boot your computer and reset it.


ArcRail Train Simulation is a neat 7 tool that lets you get behind the wheel of a train to complete missions.

During your ArcRail Train Simulation mission, you must follow the train signal system’s directions.

As the train conductor, this will let you control the train so you ultimately end up at the station you’re supposed to in one piece.

A choice of scenery, as well as a map editor that lets ArcRail Train Simulation users construct their own train track, are some of the highlights of this program.

Users can also choose between steering three different types of trains, including a diesel-automatic, a steam engine and a deisel-electric.

The settings allow you to turn the realistic train sounds on and off at will, as well as choose your train of choice. Unfortunately, ArcRail Train Simulation is a pretty rudimentary program, with terrible graphics and not much speed.

Fans of simulation programs like Need for Speed Underground will likely be sorely disappointed. The trial version of ArcRail Train Simulation only lets you run your train for 20 kilometers (about 12 miles) before requiring you to purchase a license code.

For hardcore train enthusiasts, ArcRail Train Simulation might be a fun adventure.

For everyone else, it gets dull really quickly. ArcRail 774 Simulation software program is a game application 744 allows the user to simulate driving a train.

The mission is to drive the train from one station to another.