April 6, 2021

It has been seamless in my setup, both with my TV card and now with the stick. If so click Run setup. I haven’t tried it on Win 8. I’ve never tried these so can’t comment on how good they are or aren’t. I haven’t really had a chance to try any other programs

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Kaiser Baas replied on Jul 31, Wait for the machine to restart. I have saved the new channel list but on importing it the tuner still reverts to the old channel list.

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Follow the on screen prompts to select the language and click Next. The version will be listed next to System Type.

In order to convert these into another format, you will have to find a converter. Phoenix replied on Oct kaiset, Limited Terms and Conditions Privacy Disclaimer.

I don’t know for sure but the stick only has a coaxial connector so I doubt that it is possible Rick replied on Dec 24, How do I set up the TV so that it is “always on top” doesn’t disappear behind other windows?

KaiserBaas USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

You may like to try this link: Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went. Having said all that to get a good reception the antennae should be as high as you can get and must be facing the tv towers. You will be prompted to either Open or Save. You would have to contact them direct for further information.


Hi Gin, The Kaiser Baas does not have its own antenna so you will need to plug one in. Not sure what you mean. On the Install Location screen click Next.

I get FM radio. You could also search google to see if these sticks are repairable.

KaiserBaas USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Golam Dastogeer asked on Mar 25, baaas You also need to connect it to an antenna. Rick replied on Apr 08, If so is there a link to download the software? I have also spent probably the equivalent of the deposit of a small Porsche on amplifiers, antennas, cables etc to try and get these things working. The disk should run automatically. After plugging the Kaiser Bas unit in – does anyone make a stkck port USB 2 hub, it is becoming rapidly needed – WMC detected the new tuner and offered to set it up.

The supplied TV software doesn’t work at all, but by doing a dodgy search Google! Sorry, but I only have Windows 7. I don’t know for sure but the stick only has a coaxial connector so I doubt that it is possible. As far as i know Kaiser Baas no longer make this style of TV stick.


You may like to send them an email and ask direct. It is asking me for my license key but I have accidentally thrown it out along with my ddual things is there a way I can possibly get a new one or can you just email me a new one?

WMC will record the shows using a.

If your friend bought the TV stick he should have the licence key. To determine whether you are using Windows 7 32 or 64 bit please open the Start Menu, right click on computer and select Properties. There was always some functionality, but not to the full level you’d expect.