August 31, 2020

I really can’t figure out what’s wrong. Foobar ASIO components and step-by-step instructions: So, to sum this up: The lower right-hand corner of the kX DSP window. What are these asio listings. May 21, Messages: How would you adapt these instructiuons for HS?

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Try posting for help at the KX forum its on their site. I’d like it so that one jx output on the card can be used for monitoring while the other goes to the main speakers. I’m using an Audigy 2 ZS. I find the kx drivers to be a little confusing when it comes to the routing. Only recently started using them again.

By the way, I discovered this before you sent me your kX settings. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I’m using a CT 10k1 [c]whatever that is exactly.


Hope this helped someone! Haven’t tried ssio Windows 10 sleep functions, yet. They sure have a steep learning curve, but they work great, and I’m able to record stuff until I can afford a “real sound card”.

MkryDec 30, Click image to view full size!

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I think you are not E.

OK any kX popups that may pop up. Where is it possible to find a compatible ProFx or, what recent version is compatible This kkx driving me nuts.

Windows 10 and KX (new fix) | Hardware Heaven Forums

Dec 7, Messages: If I deleted the AUD. Dec 27, Messages: Do a clean install of the KX driver and restart PC. It is slightly annoying hearing a fuzzy sound al the time. But projject you know know how to stop the sound from the mic from transmitting to my headphones?

Worked great with Windows Again, thanks for the fix mole2old! That page is quite useful Psa I hope this info is helpful for someone.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks. An updated version released. I was hoping you would reply.

Windows 10 and KX-3552 (new fix)

If it is just a registry patch, why not to include. For those familiar with the kX mixer it’s basically two ‘src’ devices wired up to outputs on a ‘k1lt’ device you’d use the ‘k2lt’ device if you’re using an emu10k2 based card.

To run a program in compatibility mode: Jan 7, Messages: Further thanks to the developers of course.