January 7, 2021

All information is subject to change. Store pages Save the pages after Untangling. STEP-4 Press decrease number or increase number , to select the workbook number you want. Actual D-Note paper size and Digital Organizer size will be the same. Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice More information.

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Select Files 1 Select All–Hold down the Shift-key and move the cursor to the right to select consecutive pages.

Installing the Printer Software. If your installation screen does not match the contents of More information.

Read this manual carefully before using your printer. Mode Select Actual paper size and monitor size select.

The maximum area lda401 8. If not, please check the battery run out or not install properly. Introduction The D-Note Series of digital note recorder has built-in memory that allows you to instantly capture notes or diagrams written in ink on normal paper without connecting into your computer, and then transfer a digital data into a computer for viewing, editing, or sharing by on Windows platform.


D-Note Series Digital Note Recorder V1.03 User Manual

All product names are trademarks of their respective companies Table of Contents 1 Introducing Ansur Cut Cut the selected strokes or objects in the Notepad pane and attach to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or other pages. This manual will help you with the Sync Virtual Desktop.

Make sure it is stuck inside Step You can adjust the electrical data on the computer screen. Save Default You can save the insert image as the default background image.

LaPazz Dla D-note USB Digital Note Recorder – Fast | eBay

Avoid operating or storing d,a401 pen and the recorder in extremely hot or cold temperatures, or where the relative humidity is high. Press to cancel and return to main menu. This will be caused the digital pen tip to move outside of the reading height range of the D-Note.

Never immerse the pen or digital not recorder in liquid. Pentium is a registered lapazx of Intel Corporation. Remove cover label before inserting the pen battery.

D-Note Series Digital Note Recorder V User Manual – PDF

Recommendation of Mercury battery: Software User License Agreement You are licensed to legally use this software program the Software by More information.


Remove the batteries from the D-Note if it is not expected to be used form long periods. The following is required to run DesignPro: Otherwise, avoid to frequency influenced. Save Save the currently selected digital page.

da401 Be careful if no icon appeared when you are in writing action. All product names are trademarks. Gently pull out the ink cartridge from the pen. Use the dialog to locate the file in the D-Note flash memory, or on your hard dka401.

Poliscript Installation Guide Version 4. STEP-4 Press to confirm the operation. It is designed to operate with our Digital Signage Server. STEP-3 Select and press to confirm the action,then start to set the workbook number.

If no icon displays, that means the pen has no action.