February 21, 2021

Decent keyboard, though a tad bit less key travel than the classic ones. While shopping for yet another replacement keyboard I decided to give the classic keyboard mod a try instead. There might be the chance that the backlit keyboard installed in my Thinkpad won’t lit? Long story short, I need a keyboard replacement. And even then it doesn’t happen every time.

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Nothing else broke during that time, but I was probably much more careful with the keyboard so nothing else would break. Trackpoint buttons have slightly smoother texture. Keypress sound is lower pitched, keys sound much less flimsy. ESC key bends pretty much, depending on which corner if the key you press, with top left being the most concern. lire

Ts CTO iM 2. Probably that’s why they feel better. And it works as there is noticable step up in height. Keys are a bit lower, which results in better feel and also in less light leaking from around the keys, epecially in front.

Long story short, I need a keyboard replacement. And it looks cleaner. Took 8 days which is very fast for parcels shipping to Russia.


All top row keys Esc, F keys, Del are higher than other keys. And even then it doesn’t happen every time. Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.

By the way, I’ve just noticed that the seller’s photo is incorrect and shows Sunrex keyboard. If you look at it with direct light you can see slight wear but Even without flashing the EC firmware the keyboard is a huge step up from either of the stock xx30 series backlit keyboards. Bill Of Materials Ts: Last edited by lightproof on Sat Nov 25, 9: It’s very comfortable to type on, mostly because of the slanted key profile that allows your fingers to glide from key to key easily, while on chiclet keyboard my fingers would often stumble on the key cap side ridge.

The top strip with volume and power buttons has smoother texture. Fingers glide easier and dont stick to keys anymore. Consequently, light leaks more from under top row.

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During the year I’have been using the keyboard I have got somewhat used to the key swinging like this, so I just snapped it back each time it swung to the side. I checked both screens I own, and you can faintly see the thinkpad logo on both, When I received it I was amazed by how much better the build quality and overall feel are!


Being one of the three keys around the TrackPoint meant it was happening all the time. There are the same model on Ebay with a black layer protective? They are higher than keys on Sunrex keyboard, which were all the same height, but higher than Chicony. Do have any photo of the new keyboard with it’s backside?

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Overall I like the Chicony keyboard much better. I have found one at a good price but on a Ebay auction the guy said that you must be sure if your Thinkpad supports the backlit keyboard before I will buy it.

Just a quick disclaimer: I have Ts and ln-408 backlit keyboard is failing miserably. Sorry for the picture quality, it was shot on the phone, but I can reshoot in high quality if needed.