June 30, 2020

If you have the PCI-E X16 slot still open then you have a lot of options available however if you only have the X1 slots availble then you are very limited on what you can do. Mine stays at the old version after bios update, I want to see if others’ does too or if I’m doing something wrong. If you plan to purchase all new hard drives for your system and replace the older ones then you could go for 4TB or larger drives however this comes with a cost. The station-drivers firmware are not officially sanctioned by your motherboard maker. Found this highpoint rocket , should work according to an other thread. If you do update your Marvell firmware and you encounter problems either immediately after updating or later, you will probably not be able to return to the original Marvell BIOS firmware version your motherboard had when you bought it.

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Driver Downloads Download the latest Marvell drivers for your specific device or application. You could do this by simply replacing each hard drive one at a time as you have done in the past.

They arent directly from Marvell so the possibility of them being altered for malware is there. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I experienced no problems whatsoever in the download and installation.


With respect to the data you backup. I bought a dawicontrol dce controller, pci-e x1, 2 sata ports, a while ago. Essentials Only Full Version.

Data Center and Cloud. Once you have figured out how much storage you need then you can figure out the capacity and number of hard drives you need. So carefully scroll down the list of different drivers until you find the one for the Marvell marvvell devices.

You could two more 3TB drives to double that capacity to Don’t be shy, post all the data you can think of, even if you don’t think we marvrll to know it, such as the computer case so we have an idea on if the case can cool a hot HBA card. Joined May 28, Messages 8, Thanks 1, It was firmware 2. It just 88sr9128 me that they never got the damn chip to work. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. No one here like to see someone loose their data.

Still a no go with Marvell drivers. Sometimes they are meant for a separate plug-in card so you never know if you’re going to have problems. Just another option to think about.

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After you update these drivers and are booting your machine, at the point where you get a message stating the Marvell controller version, does it update to the latest version for you? Quickly and easily view product specs, compare various solutions, and print out select product information. Brings up a nice report on the controller: Halfdead14 marvell controller is garbage, won’t even take my sata 3 ssd past read or write So true, I put mine back on the Intel.


I only see Ver 1. Joined Apr 11, Messages 7 Thanks 0. The issue comes in when you try to add just two hard drives. This means you will max out below the SATA3 threshold.

Marvell 88se9128

That would make for an awful lot of dvd’s Be aware, using the station-drivers firmware to update your Marvell controller firmware can be risky.

Ethics Supplier Responsibility Environment Community. The downside is you are still running a RAIDZ1 setup and if two drives fail in either VDEV then all your data is gone, but this is the second easiest way if you cannot destroy your pool. The matching Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge also has many new features.