September 15, 2020

Hello, does the sentelic linux driver still works with ubuntu This is not a bug in the linux-meta package, moving to the linux package. Alberto Milone albertomilone wrote on I stupidly didn’t install the one, but simply copied it over the original one. The touch-pad is a Sentelic although I have no idea how to verify it without opening the case. Just read the comments at the head of the script, and you can also execute the script with a -u option to output usage instructions. That has fixed my problem although it does seem a bit hit and miss at times to get the scrolling working.

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Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll take some time and make patches for upstream. Go to the extracted directory and run make.

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Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. I would appreciate if someone would update the ppa kernel.

This the touchlad usable for me and I won’t probably take the risk to switch it to a Synaptics now. I took a look at the Elantech driver source to get some ideas on how to make it work – this appears to have paid off.


Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad However, some users have reported that it may require adding the sentlic hook [ broken link: Do we need to open a bug against another package for GUI control?

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Posted January 23, So, to make it easier for people to get wund of the Sentelic touchpad working, I’ve put together a tar. Posted April 20, Chris, could you describe your changes? I have created a patch of the kernel that makes horizontal two-finger scrolling become functional on Sentelic touchpads.

If anybody knows a better way to set priority, let me know. Posted January 24, I’m glad that the touchpad works for you in Lucid. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Go to Synaptics and download the appropriate driver: Scrolling works as you stated, however cursor movement is jumpy to ms point of being unusable.

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But, I need to know if and how it works on earlier and later versions of the touchpad. I personally don’t like the corner scrolling; I find it u1000 difficult to hit the correct regions. This website uses cookies to give you the we of service.


I would love to try it out, then we’d have the most options available to this hardware. I found out I had sentelic by using the “xinput list” command I found at https: Following the ALSA article should cover all that is needed.

Using kexthelper is fine. This means that there’s no way out of the box to disable tap-to-click or modify pointer speed settings. You can find the details in bug and http: I am finding that in absolute mode the touchpad is not very accurate and a bid jittery – not so in relative mode.

MSI WInd U100 Touchpad

Arcan17 andre-breton wrote on I like the tap-to-click, but I activate it accidentally all the time while typing on the keyboard.

There’s a new version with the corner-scroll feature enabled. How to force to work on MacOSX Helpful bug reporting tips: